August 3rd, 2004



I've finished a draft of a LARP system. Let me know what y'all think.

I'm looking for comments. Right now, my biggest concerns are:

1) Obvious possibly abusive situations -- NOT including cheating. I don't want to go down the road of trying to stop all cheating. What I'm interested in is problems with the way Stones flow and/or contradictions.
2) Ease of use. A LARP system has to be easy to use. Now, I know the bidding system is somewhat unwieldy, so suggestions for streamlining without losing its punch are welcome, though keep in mind that entire conflicts -- not a single task -- are supposed to be covered by it, so it doesn't have to be as streamlined as Mind's Eye Theatre's rock-paper-scissor system.

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Ah, hey,
I am having a little bit of a problem nii ^.^||
I'm in the middle of writing a campaign book for the world of Spira from Final Fantasy X, and I've just started the race descriptions. I got through human and Al Bhed okay, but now, I need to describe the Ronso and, I'm totally drawing a blank O.O
Aside from the obvious, they're huge, and blue, and angry-looking. ^.^|||
Because I'm an artist before a writer, I'm very visually oriented, so it's really hard for me to put things in words like their society and personality ect, ect.

-- Jett
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Hey guys. I figured I should put this here, because I know that most gamer folk like myself enjoy the fine arts, and usually are quite opinionated. I've had a fine arts community in the process for a few weeks, and now that all my travelling's done for the season... I'm ready to start it up. It's called The Metaphysix Community Project. All the information is on the site... along with a link and nav bar button to the contact form, if your interested in helping me out. The folks who constantly update will get their own webspace for their needs on the server. We're really trying to do alot with this project. I normally wouldn't spam anything like this on LJ Communities, but I really need the help of intelligent folks. If your bored, and want to be a part of a new community online, please check out the link.

Thanks, and I hope to hear from a few of you.

EDIT: After someone leaving a comment about this post causing problems... I'll take it down, if this truely pisses anyone off. If it does, just leave a comment, and it's gone.

Newish member person

Hmm...I'm not sure if I am supposed to write an introductory post or not as it didn't specify on the user info for the group. I've seen a lot of groups that require it from new members, so I guess it's better to be safe about it. Plus, it won't leave anyone wondering "Who the hell is this chick and where in the hell did she come from?"

The name's Kortnee. I'm 21 years old and hail from the lovely, lovely city of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I've been Role Playing for just over five years now. I started out in May '99 in the Rhy'Din rooms on AOL. After about three years, those rooms go too, for lack of a better word, stupid for my liking, and so I moved to forum based RPGs, where people would not yell at me for being descriptive enough to get my point across instead of making three word posts like they did. I stuck with forum RPing for about a year, then life got too hectic for me to keep up with it anymore and so I dropped out of it for awhile.

My boyfriend at the time had been trying to talk me into finding a LARP group in my area. I figured that since this state is bass ackwards enough to not have the lottery or legal tattooing, I would be in for one hell of a search. But, I figured, "What the hell?" and joined the Cam in November '03. I finally found a local Cam Chapter here this February and played in my first game at SCaRE 04, our local regional con, in the Sabbat venue. It was slightly nerve wracking, my first game being in that huge of a game. But I got through it, had fun and have been addicted ever since.

The rest, they say, is history. In addition to playing in the Cam/Anarch venue of the Cam, I also play in a troupe Vampire game and just recently started playing in the troupe Changeling game one of my friends just recently started.

A note about the irony of things: My ex (the former boyfriend I spoke of above) is the one that dragged me to the troupe Vampire game and is the one responsible for me meeting my current boyfriend. We met that first night at the troupe game and he got stuck with getting to help me make my character since he is an assistant. It was sparks at first sight and we were dating less than a month later. ^v^

But that's me in a nutshell. I am also interested in learning D&D and Shadowrun, but have not had the time to start learning how to play them.
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