July 29th, 2004


LinkMedia to produce an Adventure Module for WorldWorks Games

One of the projects I have been working on is nearly complete.

http://www.WorldWorksGames.com ™ has announced that I will be writing the first ever adventure module to be used with their Chunky Dungeons™ model set.

For those who do not know what WorldWorks Games is, allow me to explain. WorldWorks produces inexpensive paper folded models that you download and print at home to create fully textured and detailed 3D models to be used to enhance your gaming experience.

The adventure module, titled "The Eye of Capallesis" is designed for three to six, 3rd-5th level characters, and is compatible with Dungeons & Dragons d20 v3.5. The adventure will come in full colour, complete with the full first chapter in the Capallesis Rising Triology, 6 optional pregenerated characters, and bonus printable models to be used in the adventure. The game will also be playable with your own characters, and is created for no specific campaign setting as to fit into any fantasy game using the D&D 3.5 system.

Take your game farther with the first adventure module created to use with the WorldWorks™ models.

Check out other WorldWorks™ products at http://www.worldworksgames.com

Check out LinkMedia's Games at http://www.linkmedia.ca
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Recurring PCs.

So... I've noticed that a lot of people have a character that they love to play. As a player, I've never had such a character. Every new setting gets a new character. I'm wondering what the appeal is of having such a favorite character, that s/he/it pops up at every reasonable opportunity. I'm also intrigued by the ability of these characters to cross platforms, as it were, seamlessly going from Ultima Online to the Playstation, to tabletop roleplaying. Am I missing out? Do I have so many demons that just one character won't cut it?

Also, I wonder if there's a correlation between not having a favorite character and DMing. Oddly, I have more favorite characters when I DM than when I play. I'm more attached to some NPCs than I am to characters that I've played as a player.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand, I wonder, if you have a favorite character:

1) Do you identify strongly with him/her/it, and/or is it a case of fascination/horror/lust/etc. that keeps the relationship going?

2) Does the character have a consistent history that spans different game worlds, or is it kind of like a personality core that gets outfitted with different histories to suit the game world?

3) Have you ever had problems with a DM not wanting you to play your character?

4) Is it less fun to play characters other than your favorite ones? Have you considered not playing in a certain game world because it would be difficult/impossible to fit your character in?

From my limited observing of people that I've played with, the answers seem in general to be:
1) Identify strongly, and see character as something I would like to be (kind, honest, smart, strong, competent, etc.)
2) Personality core
3) Never asked this question, and as a DM never had this problem
4) It is less fun, because you're more invested in your favorite character.

Quick question...

For the GM's this one...

When using CR in D20 style games what happens when you get creatures with a CR or 1/4? Do I chuck four of the beasties at the heros? and if so do I modify the CR for the encounter since they face more than just one of an opponent?

Just some ideas on this will be helpfull since after reading the D20 Modern book I'm a little confused on something I thought I had grasped :P

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