July 28th, 2004

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Hey everyone :) Poke me if I'm out of line, but I've been searching the net for really nice dice bags for a while, and I haven't been able to find any ... so I made a few and thought some of you might be interested :) They're made of blue velvet and lined with thick satin. I embossed the velvet with the chinese symbol of luck, and they also sport two good luck chinese coins at either end of the pull cord. If you're interested, Collapse )

If you know anyone who might like one, pass it along. Thanks :)

Bad gaming

Hey, I have a bit of a beef, and I was wondering if anyone else has come across this problem. See, I love to play DnD, and Oriental Adventures seems like it'd be really cool to play nii?
However, one of my DMing friend ran an oriental adv. game once (before he moved)
And he decided that he was going to play it like "historical asia" only with oni's and monsters and such.
This was particularly BAD for me because, being a girl, I wasn't allowed to have any special skills or abilities, wasn't allowed to have a high strength, ect ect.
I had to be dressed femininley all the time, (no armor, yay) and basically my character was meant to just wait until the Male characters came along to rescue her.
When I was told this, I was angry, and insulted, and I refused to play.
My take on it is, this is a fantasy game, and if I want to know how women really lived back then, I'll go read a history book.
Has anyone else had a DM do something that made them just not want to play?
Or is this just something reserved for me? Xþ
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Hi guys. :) About the dice bags. Well, it appears lots of people like them, but the price is a little too high, eh? Hm. I can pull it down to $20 (including shipping). Little low on money, and I want to find these little buggers home, so I can make more. yay!

Anyway, email me (monty (at) 3geeks.org) or reply to post if you're interested.

~ Sarah

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I have a question, when you are playing character, do they ever take turns you didn't expect?
Do you ever find out things about them that you didn't build into them when you were coming up with the character originally?
I find this happens to me a lot. I come up with my character, I find out a bit about their personality, and then, later on, something else will come up that just totally blows me away and makes me see my character in a whole knew light as far as how they act and why the do the things they do.
Sometimes, it's as simple as an even in their past, but other times, it's something really huge that I wasn't even thinking about.
I find it really interesting and fun though.
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