July 26th, 2004

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i am in need of some help. Trying to get a western rp upand running using the rifts system. Can anyone direct me to anything that could help with a campaign idea? any help would be greatly appciated!

Thank you!

Is anyone going to Gen Con Indy?

It would be my first gencon, and after pre registering I've gotten my pass and several of my event and generic tickets.

I heard it was big and crowded and if you didn't get tickets there are are a lot of lines to wait on. Do you think if I get there early enough I could bypass all of that? (Like a day before?) And how much money should I bring on the trip?

I'm kinda intimidated cause I'm just a bit of a dork... but also are there any of you guys out there that are going to run games that wasn't on the preregister?

Thank you ahead of time!


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Hmm, There aren't a lot of people in my area that I know who both play DnD AND play the 3rd edition version. And the people I do know tend to be grudging 3rd edition players, or "hybrid" players. (wich is really annoying cause it has all of the restrictions of 2nd and NONE of the fun of 3rd. >.<) However, the few friends (okay, there's only two and one is my fiance) that play 3rd with me tend to have fun.
My problem is thus though;
I cannot seem to get a steady game going.
I think it's partially because of the schedual of the non-affianced friend. But it also seems to be because our DM (when it's not me) never seems to be able to finish coming up with the plotline ^.^|||
So there is little to no room for character developement or leveling up of any sort.
Which leaves me with an entire folder full of lvl 3-5 characters who are just going to waste.
Can anyone help me with this?
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So I just started reading the Wheel of Time series and so far--I'm in book 3--my favorite side character is Hurin, the Sheinaran sniffer.

So, the question I have is: stats for a sword breaker weapon? Anybody?
redcloak revolution

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Well, duh! A friend of mine has the Wheel of Time roleplaying base book and there it is in black and white on page 119.

Essentially, it deals 2d6 damage when used to break a weapon, adds +3 to the rolls for disarming--attempting initially and resisting if failed--does not incur 2 weapon fighting penalties when used to break a weapon and can be used as a normal short sword also.

Oh yeah, it's an exotic weapon.