July 20th, 2004



Wow, newness. O.O
Anyroad, I am Jett! And I'm currently looking foreward to the Slayers D20 system from Guardians of Order ^.^
Other than that...well, I try and play DnD but there's not enough people around here. So that usually doesn't fly. Plus, the people that are around aren't quite on the same page as me as far as character creation and such.
I think I've been refered to as a DMs worst nightmare once or twice.
Well, thats all for my stupid intro thing, glad to be here ^.^
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xposted 3e rules question

a sorcerer has a certain number of spells to cast per day, and a certain number of spells known. assuming you start as a first level sorcerer, then multiclass to a wizard, does that mean that you can spontaneously cast any of the zero and first level spells you may eventually learn as a wizard using your first level sorcerer spells per day? if so it seems like a smart way to design your character. the ability to pick spells spontaneously (even first level spells) is pretty sweet, especially at later levels when you know most of the first level spells.