July 19th, 2004



So I just learned something interesting. AIM has a dice roller for it's chat room function. Just type in the following code:


X is the number of dice you want to roll, Y the number of sides on said die (or, more accurately, the highest possible result on the die). So if you want to roll 6d10, just type in "//roll-dice6-sides10." If I were to do that, the whole chatroom would see *OnlineHost*: Manxifer rolled 6 10-sided dice: 7 1 10 8 4 6.

Sorry if this is old news to anyone, but I just discovered this myself. And yeah, it only works in chat rooms, not regular conversation windows, so just invite yourself into one if you want to play with it a little.
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Weird Miniatures?

My character was recently reincarnated as a bariaur. We use minis extensively during battles, and this led me to thinking... Has anyone ever seen a bariaur mini? What's the strangest (and perhaps least useful) miniature you've ever seen?
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