July 11th, 2004

dire troll mauler

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This subject has probably been posted before, but I'm still interested in hearing your opinions on the subject.
What's up with the assumption that gaming doesn't count as a social obligation? This is the third time this week I've had my plans ruined because people decided they had something more important to do than, say, play a few card games and look through some roleplaying books. All this week we've planned on getting together to play through a few new card games (Give Me The Brain, for instance) and a few old ones (Chez Geek, Munchkin, so forth), and if we had time finish up character creation for DA: Fae.
We keep getting pushed aside by one member of our group because he keeps finding more important things to do. Take, for instance, tonight. We were trying to finally do all of this, but he decided that he'd rather go to a party with another friend. Third time this week he's pulled that. I've had other friends do it too - we've had countless Exalted sessions put off recently so that they could go do other things, often without telling us until we'd already been waiting for them for about an hour.
So why is that? Why do people assume that gaming is less important than any other social event? I think it's just as important as hanging out with friends at a pizza place or going to a party. You've promised to be there and you're letting people down when you don't show up.

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