July 7th, 2004

Chaos Omega

Adventure help...

I'm planning to send my players on a nautical adventure in the near future. I want them to be attacked at night by orcish pirates. Does anybody have a link to an adventure like that? If the pirates aren't orcish I shouldn't have a problem converting them... Also, anybody done something like this before? Thanks in advance!

icewind dale II

I've been playing Icewind Dale II recently, and here are my thoughts.

It is much closer to real D&D, so in that respect, I like it.
I get to see more information about the statistics of what is going on with roles and saves and things like that.

But, it is really hard. Abnormally hard, even though I have the setting on true AD&D rules. I find myself not too far in the game and yet I can't go for 5 minutes without coming on a battle that exhausts me. I'm constantly having to re-load my game and try the battle over again, way way past my level of patience.

I've played all the BG games and Icewind Dale I, and nothing that extreme there. I don't think my characters suck, they seem pretty good and typical for me.

Has it just been too long for me, or has anyone else found this too?
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Cold dead fingers

NPCs and XP

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A little background: I moderate an LJ game, and when I give out XP each month, I ask the players to nominate characters who they feel deserve some extra XP.

Last month, a couple of players included NPCs in their nominations. I have no problem with this; indeed, I'm flattered that they like the NPCs enough to vote for them. I'm just wondering if other people give XP to their NPCs. If the answer is "yes," how do you handle it? Do they get XP less often than the player characters, a different amount (either higher or lower), what?

Thoughts? I'm curious as to how other people work this...:)
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Tux, Cthulhu

I come bringing weblinks!

Well, as a potential moderator for www.darkcityproject.com and a fanatic roleplayer i have compiled a rather extensive list of links to some jucy medieval and dark ages resources for all to have. Theres everything from cooking to crucades to calender-makers here, so feel free to take a look. (I combed through the net for a while so these should all work.)
If anyone as other links that would fit in well on this list, could you please leave a comment with it? Thanks!

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