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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2004
10:17a - Character Descriptions
Hmm. Was reading the roleplaying blog of a group some of my friends are in (not the one I post to); and they were talking about males playing females and how they often end up playing them as stereotypes (the wench or the feminist, usually). Another male (who will shortly be playing a female in a game of theirs) commented playing the bleeding-heart feminist was no fun and that in any case, he figured that their GM would be giving them their character descriptions and not vice versa.

Upon reading that, I immeadiately thought, "Well, that's not right."

For a one-shot, perhaps, or a game with pregenerated characters, that might be the case. But for something where the player is deciding gender, profession, personality, etc? Why would the character description then come from the GM and not the player? When I make a character, I like giving them a background, reason for why they are the way are, supplying the descriptions. I don't want that handed to me. Especially if we're talking something that's longer than a one-shot, and going to be played for the long-term.

Opinions? Preferences? Discuss!

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11:37a - Origins Cupons
For those of you going to Origins this might be a nice thing to have handy.


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9:07p - Character Question
Is anyone playing a Cleric or Druid in an AD&D v. 3.5 game that wouldn't mind getting together with me via e-mail for some assistance on character creation? It's been awhile since I've played, and not since 2nd Edition at that. Looking forward to any responses you all have.

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