June 20th, 2004


Now that was fun...

Finally, after much faffing and organising, I've just got back from running a game for a bunch of reporters from my local paper, who wanted to do an article on roleplaying.

I think I managed to give a fair account of the hobby; we had two people who'd never played before, one who'd played once or twice ages ago, and two who've played a fair amount. Judging by the talk of possibly getting a regular session running, and the interest of the ones who'd never played before, I think they enjoyed it.

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Overall, everyone seemed to enjoy it greatly. The two who'd never played before managed to ease into it as the game progressed, and contributed a lot to the group. I'll try and find out when it'll be published, and get a copy. I think it's going to be a positive article, at the least :)

Thanks to everyone who threw me ideas for this, they really helped!
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