June 18th, 2004

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i feel like screaming

in the main games i play in, i'm very close friends with the GM. she often grumbles about the fact that we have so few players.

now comes the problem. she does advertise at least once a week on "advertise your game" lists. apparently no one reads the messages. i've tried advertising--no bites.

so i suggested that i can make some banners and submit them to banner exchanges. i know of three we could apply to.

what does she say? "I don't want my ships associated with just anyone's site."

:headdesk: these exchanges i'm looking at are on line with the direct theme of the games themselves. and at least one of them is run by a strict (for lack of a better word) group of webmasters who would make sure only quality (real) sites get in.

i love her but sometimes i feel like screaming when she complains that people don't post enough--or that we don't have enough players. anyone have any advice for dealing with a stubborn friend??
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Some Questions About A D&D 3.0 Character

It's kind of long, so I lj cut most of it.

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Anyway, I've been looking at The Quintessential Sorcerer book from Mongoose Publsihing lately. I see that my characters odd predictament would make most of his sorcerous powers come from a dragon as per the Dragon Legacy, or Dragon Touched templates (Most combat, and less basic spells are fire spells). My DM has been talking to me about these templates, so I figured I'd ask my question here.

I'm wondering if I should roll with one of these templates, or just continue as a standard character, and avoid the sorcerer template?