June 17th, 2004


Dessert Island Dice

I'm a sucker for dice, I have far more than I'll ever be able to use and yet if I were to see a really nice set in my hobby store today when I went shopping I would probably buy them. So for all those other dice fans out there:

Hypothetical Question - You're about to be stranded on a dessert island with a group of your roleplaying friends. You've mangaged to save all the books (well at a push they can be used to start fires), but you can only take three sets of dice with you (the rest of your pockets are filled with useful things like matches and penknifes). Which three sets do you take?

I would probably take my plain black d10s, my blue and white marbled dice that my bf bought me and my first ever set of dice which are grey and speckled.
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