June 13th, 2004

Great game session

Last night was a ton of fun. The group consists of all Dwarves of varying races, I think we have 3 shield dwarves, a Duergar, a "fire" dwarf based off of the Unearthed Arcana, and I play a deep Dwarf.

the group has journeyed to the Great rift to answer a call throughout Faerun for heros. We are supposed to figure out why the Thunder Blessing has been revoked by Moradin.

The Game master is simply awesome. He's got us on a sub-plot to figure out what's going on with this red Dragon terrorizing a neighboring community. Most of us aren't too keen on doing it, but we have a paladin who is all gung-ho about saving the people from this menace. That +4 inspiration ability Paladin's have kinda sucks.

He's gonna get us killed, but oh what fun it will be. :)
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Back in the Deep End Again

Okay, I'm a little wary of asking this question, considering the firestorm I started with my LAST question, but here goes...

What do you think about White Wolf's new system for WoD?

I admit I was really looking forward to the end of the last system 'cause, quite frankly, it felt like I was being teased.

"Hey baby, wanna get with an apocolypse storyline?"
"Why yes, yes I would!"
"Okay baby, just play this 'til it's time."
Flash forward a couple of days...
"Hey baby, wanna get with an apocolypse storyline?"
"Why yes, yes I would!"
"Okay baby, just play this 'til it's time."
"But wait, didn't we just do that?"
Repeat every year afterwards...

By the end I was so bored I didn't care HOW they ended it, I just wanted them to go away.

Anyway, I was really interested in the new line and decided to read all of the little previews that they put up on the site. At first I was just seeing the same things and was getting annoyed, but then they said those magic words, 'Static Target Number.' I was gassed! I really thought that that was one of the best things about the Trinity system and to see that they adapted it to this one was really exciting.

And then I kept reading... Evidently, you go around being able to spend blood like there's no tomorrow. You can heal completely AND raise your stat AND punch somebody all in the same action! HUH??? Also, they kept the rule firearms do bashing only but a knife does lethal. Yeah, evidently you can 'die' by getting a cut on the arm, but having a 12 gauge blow a hole in your chest just kinda annoys you. Then there was Blood Potency. Okay, on the surface it's just a rewrite of the Generation rule, right. But let's go deeper, shall we? Evidently, when your charcter gets around another vamp that they've never met before, the one with the lower Potecy has to save versus running the hell away. The one with the higher score has to roll versus trying to beat the crap out of the other one. Yeah, I can really see this as helpful just trying to get the party together in the FIRST SESSION!

GM: Bob, meet Carol. Ted, meet Alice.
All Four In Unison: I shoot 'em.

And those are just a few snippits... You gotta read the rest (World of Darkness) to believe it all. And that may not work 'cause I have and I'm not sure *I* believe it all...
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Space Monkey

Not for the faint of Nerd (x-posted)

I don't get roleplayers. That is to say, I do. I am one but I fail to comprehend the trend in gamers to categorically hate everything.

*insert break to hang halfway out of my window and stare at the amazing, amazing sky*

Anyway... back to the point. When D&D 3rd Ed came out, every gamer in the world had something to say about it. More often than not they wanted to tear it to small pieces and use it as kindling. When White-Wolf released title after title I heard nothing but bitching about clunky combat systems, inane rules that appeared to have been written on drugs and the most rediculous editing fuckups known to man. Some people bitched so hard that they actually apologized. This trend has followed with every system I have ever played or even heard about. And to an extent I can understand complaints about the system. White Wolf is clunky and occasionally incomprehensible. D20 may have dispensed with the dreaded THACO but it swept like a plague across other systems that had no place for it. Shadowrun still has a Matrix system that ends games early so the DM can run a solo campaign for the rest of the night. The list goes on.

But it doesn't matter. Roleplaying is not for the system. Just because games require math does not mean that they are the math. When I first got sucked into all of this, it was with the knowledge that I could tell a good story. The games became an outlet for me to release my creative ideas or to expand upon someone else's concept. White Wolf had one of the most intricate and interesting horror stories I had ever encountered and the whole thing was ripe for the plucking with the constant urging of their developers to change something if we didn't like it. Dungeons and Dragons was still the best thing to use if you wanted to set your friends on a epic adventure of heroic proportions. SLA Industries drove us deep into a corrupt world of psychosis and greed that, despite all of the fiction never felt more than a few steps removed from reality. Again, the list goes on.

Systems merely accentuate the story. The only systems that need to worry about leaning towards realism are the ones that require realism to drive the game. If White Wolf says that guns don't kill vampires, they simply do so to keep the horror factor up. Arguing the science of a vampire getting shot with a .50 caliber round is a bit like arguing the science of vampires. If dungeons and dragons tell you that your lvl 15 wizard who is really an ancient man with a cane can survive a sword being rammed through his torso, just accept it. We play these game because they're fun and they give us a window into the fantastic, why fight it?