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Friday, June 4th, 2004
1:19p - Clearing Out, or How Law School Made Me Boring
Well, I just dont have time for this stuff anymore so I'm selling the last remaining collection of gaming books. If anyone is interested, here they are. Link

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What was your favourite character you've ever roleplayed, and why?

Also, if anyone's looking to pick up some scifi/fantasy books, roleplay stuff, etc, check out my store

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one of the problems we face in my FTF games (that keep dying) is playing with players absent. if everyone can't make it to a game we cancel. then we don't play for several weeks on end and then the game dies. so i would like to try to start another game and make sure it lasts a while. i have a few ideas for how to keep it going but i would like some suggestions for how to play with players in absence. i think as the DM one of the problems i have to come to grips with (as far as playing light a player or two) is wanting ALL the players to be present for big events. i suppose if a few big deals happen while players are missing, they'll want to be there for them next time and maybe they'll stop missing games.

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