May 23rd, 2004

  • clayse

New To Community

Heya. I've been playing DnD, Star Wars (D6 + D20), V:tM, W:tA, and a few others. Last summer, my very dedicated and awesome troups of regulars and I started takaing home rules to the next level and made our own game.

This isn't a submission for critique of our system/setting or anything, but more of a series of questions intended to help me make educated decisions about what to implement in our game system. Last summer's playing was good, but a couple of my more twinky friends found ways to hack my cute little system to bits, and I'm hoping that I can make round II a little better.

So on to the questions:

What's the most realistic combat system you've played?
What's the most comprehensive social/prestation system you've played?
What's the least dice-relient game you've played?
What system seems to develop the best characters?
What's the most streamlined combat system you've played?
What's the most modular character development system you've played?

So yeah, I haven't played a whole heck of a lot of systems, so any input would be groovy.

(no subject)

How exactly does BESM d20 compair to the Tristat BESM? I'm thinking of getting one of the books but I don't know which one I should get. My players are already familar with D20 so i'm moreso interested in the D20 version so they don't have to learn a new system.