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Sunday, May 9th, 2004
1:05p - D&D 3.0 question
Recently my druid character made a bit of a foul and the GM said his magic was failing every time, turns out the GM thought I was using a prohibited shield type (my recently aquired magic dragon skin shield).

Now I got confused at this point. I was sure I read somewhere that druids could use any natural material (i.e. not a metal shield) and still be able to cast divine spells... then again I could be falling under the presumption being the mother of all fcuk ups thing :P

Any help as to if it's to the letter of the law and thus I can only use wooden shields or on the other hand if I can use a dragon scale shield?

And if I can do you have a book or net ref I can show him since we both got confused after I sugested the idea I could use it :P


current mood: confused

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3:11p - For My First Question
hi, i'm new.

does anyone have a link to a sourse with instructions on how to convert/update dnd 3.0 to 3.5? specifically i want to convert Oriental Adventures and Rokugan campaign setting stuff to 3.5.

thanks a lot,

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