May 5th, 2004


How much time and effort do you put into researching your characters?

It can vary for me, but I tend to spend more time on those from more "realistic" settings, although even fantasy characters can, IMHO, be helped with research. For isntance, I've done about a month worth of gang research for a character who was suposed to be an ex-gang member, a couple of weeks on jaguars for a character who was a were-jaguar, as well as a few days research on various polynesian cultures since the GM was letting me create a lot of the culture the were-jaguar came from and I wanted it to be a tropical island culture (I know jaguars don;t come form polynesia, but it was a fantasy setting, and the environment would suit them well).

Right now I am researching leopards to play a were-leopard.

I've also, of course, used my own life experience as a soldier, writer, web geek, musician, waiter, martial artist, and construction worker.

Does anyone else put this much time and effort into character creation, or is it just me? I tend to treat them as though I were writing stories about them, and in fact, do write quite a few short stories featuring my RP characters' "unofficial" adventures outside the gaming session. One of them I wrote about 300+ pages worth of short fiction for, most of which had nothing to do with events in actual game sessions.

Am I alone?

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Companion to the previous post, I got amused by the plethora of technical terms in the d20v3.5 PHB. Aside from the fact that they re-define multiplication there're a few more jargon terms that amuse me. And yes, each of these is an exclusive, unique term. Terms spaced apart by "OR" are actually different things, but with synonymous names.

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