April 28th, 2004

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I just bought Aberrant and I plan on running it for my group in the near future. I haven’t really ran games before and on top of that I only played Aberrant once a long time ago. I really enjoy super heroes so I was thinking of just ditching the metaplot and using my own plot. Does anyone have any suggestions for running super hero games?
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It was the final session of the online campaign where we were going up against the final boss, the main fight, the big climax that ended it all, and my internet shuts down. ARGH! Luckily I was able to summon 2 large water elementals right before it shut down. But I still wasn't able to participate much. Angry am I. It was also the session where we told what our characters did for the next few years since we're retiring them after 3 campaigns. So I didn't get to tell my story of how I ran off with my true ogre lover. But the gm knew what I had planned and told a summery of it the best he could. I am still sad. =(