April 26th, 2004

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I'm a baaaaad GM

Did a massive clean of the house last week. And by did, I mean my wonderful girlfriend did all the hard work.

But I misplaced character sheets and revisions for my current game. So I showed up today without any of that stuff.

LOL. I am such a scatter-brain. Still, despite that we had an awesome session, which really is a comment on what we do and how we do it. The guys were a little pissed at me at first, but an hour later they had escaped past the pieces of paper, the lists of skills, the bonuses and abilities, and boiled things down to who their characters really were.

I just wish I could honestly say "I meant to do that." Session a success despite my best efforts!

Later a couple of us played our first game of Munchkin. What a gas! I won! Yea me!

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WoD 2.0 Has No Metaplot

A while back I posted a rant about metaplots.

Some of you (who shall remain nameless) disagreed with my points strongly, mostly on the theory that "White Wolf does metaplots, and they make money, and therefore metaplots must be good, since White Wolf knows what it's doing."

I won't go into all the different ways that chain of logic is wrong: go back to the original flamewar if you must.

Well, the word on the street is the new World of Darkness 2.0 has no metaplot, and has abolished sliding successes, applying bonuses and penalties directly to the dice pool, which avoids the Trinity problem where a success is negated because you didn't get enough of them.

You know, I think I'm actually starting to look forward to the new World of Darkness. Especially if it has no metaplot.

Tho I'm not holding my breath for any apologies from those who argued with me, I do enjoy sitting back and saying: "Told you so." ;-D
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Introduction and advice on speed

Hi. I'm new here. I'm a pretty hardcore gamer though. I run a Role master game, a Champions game, and have just started the <lj user=Championsrpg live journal. Last night I ran my Role Master game. IT went very well. Right now they are exploring the elven lands, and dealing with some very harsh rules. The elves in my world are very structured and very strict. What few laws they have are obeyed to the letter. They have no prisons. I figure immortals must have some pretty wacky population control. Has anyone else tried to incorporate logical population control in immortal races? Also, more mechanically, my players are about to enter a big long combat fest portion of the story. I usually try to avoid these, but I'm all for give em what they want. My biggest problem is that every combat takes so long. Does anyone have advice on shortcuts for combat in Role Master? (Besides running something else) :)
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Good stuff.

You know, it's pretty cool when one of your players tells you after the game "I was talking to another player, and I think we've figured out the big plot, A and B are doing C, so that D can happen." and they're pretty much right. It's a nice little feeling that your players have spent the time and effort to figure out what's secretly going on and that they've picked up your clues.

It's even better when they say "I was talking to another player, and I think we've figured out the big plot, A and B are doing C, so that D can happen." and they're completely and utterly wrong. In fact, Z and Y are plotting X, so they can accomplish W. Your players have gone to the time and effort to figure out what's going on, and pick up your clues, and have come to the completely wrong conclusion, so at some point you can go "No! It's actually X, Y and Z! See! It all makes sense now!"

That makes me happy.

Mummies and Werecats, oh my

So, okay, on a more positive note, we all know WoD 2.0 will have some version of vampires, Garou, and Mages.

I know Justin is trying to convince the powers that be to allow him to do a version of Changeling as well.

So, what would y'all like to see done in terms of how stuff outside the "big three" (i.e. mummies, werecats, changelings, ghosts, etc.) is handled, if at all, in the WoD 2.0?

Personally, I think they should be handled as optional "add-on" packs.

Collapse )

I'd certainly be willing to pay for that sort of thing, sort of a more specialized version of the GURPS model.

Tangentially, once the WoD 1.0 is firmly out-of-print, I'd be willing to shell out $100 for a "World of Darkness 1.0 CD" that contained PDFs of all the WoD 1.0 stuff...

On a further tangent, I'd love to see a sort of OGL based on the WoD 2.0 core book. So that third-party publishers could product their own version of Changeling, using the WoD "core" book as a basis...
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OK, I dont want to start a flame war or anything, this is just an honest question: How many of you play or have played HackMaster, and if so what did you think?

I will answer my own question now. I play Hackmaster, and really enjoy it. I dont bash D&D 3.x , there really isnt any point as these two games are very different, it would be like bashing RoleMaster or GURPS Fantasy. I ask this question because I havent seen anybody post anything HackMaster related so I thought I'd bring it up.