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Roleplayer's Community's Journal

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Monday, April 19th, 2004
1:58a - Black Dog
Well, in my search to find where I can see/purchase a list of Black Dog books, I came across this site, and found it amusing.

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Is that even *slightly* amusing to anyone else?

ps--where CAN I find those BLOODY Black Dog books? o_o

current mood: cheerful

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3:31p - Repetitive, coincidental patterns.
Does anybody besides me have certain types of characters that just don't work for them? Not because you can't play them well, but because you just have ridiculously bad luck when playing that particular character class?

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8:31p - Recruiting for Tabletop Games?
Out of curiousity, how do the GMs in this community recruit players for your tabletop games?

I've generally had the best luck with new players who are "a friend of a friend" or whom I've played with before (generally at a convention or the local college's gaming club).

current mood: curious

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