April 16th, 2004


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I was involved in a D&D campaign not too long ago where I played an elf who had been raised by humans. Seeing how elves take a lot longer than humans to mature, this character found herself being raised by several generations of her adoptive family, as the previous guardians grew old and died while the elf herself grew the equivalent of a couple of years. The same was true for her human friends and playmates, who were only around for a short time before they surpassed her in age. She had no contact with elves (or any other race besides human) until she was an adult.

While I'm no longer playing this character, I would like to revisit her (or at least the concept of the character) some time in the future. I don't think I did a very good job illustrating what kind of effects such an upbringing would have on a person. Any thoughts/opinions people here might have on the matter would be appreciated.

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Background for the adventure I am working on.......

How does this sound to you?

"10,000 years ago the Tirolian Empire became locked in a deadly war with a small group of invaders from another galaxy. The invaders came without warning and seemingly without reason. They were known as the Mechanoids, a race of cybernetic lifeforms who along with advanced technologies, had vast psychic abilities at their disposal and were dedicated to the complete and total eradication of all human and humanoid life in the universe. In the early stages of the conflict, the Mechanoids seemed to overwhelm the Tirolians with their ferocity and insane hatred of humanoid lifeforms.

The turning point came through the creation of the science of Robotechnology by the Tirolian scientist, Zor. Zor had discovered a unique energy source called Protoculture. It seemed that when a Robotech device was powered by Protoculture Energy, the energy itself acted as a shield to the psychic abilities of the Mechanoids. This allowed the Tirolians to not only create advanced military battlesuits called Bioroids, but when they combined it with the knowledge of genetic engineering that they had stolen from the Mechanoids, it allowed them to create the Zentraedi Military Force. The Zentraedi were a genetically-engineered race of 50 ft humanoid giants, armed with advanced Robotech weapons. They would serve as guardians for the Tirolians (who now called themselves the Robotech Masters). The combination of the advances made through Robotechnology and the almost zealot-like devotion to victory that the Zentraedi were programmed with allowed them to defeat the Mechanoids and seemingly eradicate this fearsome foe from the galaxy.

Soon after the war with the Mechanoids had ended a new conflict began. The race called the Invid (from whom the secrets of Protoculture were stolen) attacked the Robotech Masters in retaliation for the destruction of their homeworld, Optera. The conflict with the Mechanoids was quickly forgotten as the Masters focused their attention on their new enemy. When a research facility that housed some of the captured Mechanoids was attacked by the Invid, and the personnel forced to flee, one scientist stayed behind to make sure that the captured aliens did not escape. To insure that none of the Mechanoids escaped capture, they were kept unconscious and placed in stasis in the deepest levels of the facility and all records of their existence were wiped out for fear that someone would attempt to use them and their technology against the Masters. The upper levels of the facility were to be set for self-destruction, but the scientist was killed by an Invid Scout before he could reach the command tower. The facility has remained abandoned all this time waiting for the return of the Robotech Masters.

Now a group of REF Military Personnel from Earth have come to the remote outpost in response to a distress call apparently sent by a Tirolian vessel. What the team sent in to investigate will find when they get there is yet to be seen"
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Could y'all do me a favor?


The above is some introductory "what is roleplaying" kinda text for the RPG I'm currently working on the manuscript for.

I want to know if people think it will make sense to non-gamers. I'm interested in if it makes sense, and if seems to be pushing the particular style of game I'm going for, and (again) if you think non-gamers will "get" it.

Also, knowledge if it's patronizing or not is good. ;-D

Right now the PDF is totally not laid out, so I know it's very bland and unpretty, you don't have to tell me that. I want to know if it gets its concepts across okay.
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