April 15th, 2004

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has anyone ever started work on, or seen a Crow (liek the movie) character class/race for a roleplaying game? i'm REALLY hoping for a Palladium engine.. like Rifts or Nightbane..

i was working on one last year (it was really good), but i had lost it at my ex's house, and we couldnt find it.
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So for the first time, I wanna go all out with the characterization during the next campaign. I want to be able to know so much about my character that if somebody were to ask me what their favorite food is, I could tell them in a heartbeat and not be bullshitting it. I already have their basic background story, but like i said, I'd like details as well. Does anyone know of a good place that would really help somebody get into character like that? Or do you have any tips or methods you use to really get to know you're character? Because a lot of the times, it seems the character is reacting the way I would. And I wanna stay away from that.
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