April 14th, 2004


Where is the line between being particularly good at playing certain things versus "always playing the exact same character?"

I've seen that said about some people, and I know some people who I would definitely say that applies to. Sometimes someone like this seems like a great role-player, until you've played in several games with them, and all of their characters have the exact same personality.

A friend of mine talked about one person who plays in a lot of LARPs, and said that the guy always creates these amazing, fantastic characters, but once he's played them for about five months, they lose their personality and become the player. To an extent, everyone's character will take on some of the player's personality, right? To an extent I don't think it's necessarily bad, but I guess it does go too far.

I understand that certain things are more fun to people. But when you're always playing the seductress, or always the physically deformed coward (both specific people I can think of), isn't that a problem? It does get old. And then I began to wonder, do I do that? I certainly don't intentionally. I've played a variety of character types between White Wolf and D&D (my two main games that I enjoy), played nearly every alignment and character class, several different clans/traditions/etc. Although I must admit my characters are prone to certain things, like falling in love. Not that I set out to create romantic characters. I guess I'm just susceptible to that sort of storyline because I like emotionally intense role-playing. Or maybe I'm being hypocritical and judging others for something I myself do.

I don't have a particular question I want answered or anything, I just was curious what other people's thoughts are on typecasting and versatility and such.
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:: input needed ::

Well first off let me introduce myself as a new member to the community. My rpg'ing right now is at a stand still.. mostly for the fact that I'm moving away in a month to a place I'm afraid will come up short on the player department. But anyway /waves!

I, as a GM and player of close to 15 years realize there are good and bad ways to run games. I've witnessed and probably ran a couple of bad games in my gaming history, and I believe I can pen out which ones are which.

This is a post about a complaint I had from a player at one point.

I was running a Mage: The Ascension game. Now I haven't done this in a long time, and even then I didn't do it often. Honestly, WOD and the genres in whole just don't click with me that well. I'm not one for political atrocities and social slanderings. So, I shifted my games theme accordingly.

There was one scene, where the pc's were trying to confront a would-be marauder on a moving bullet train. Make a long story short, there was a gigantic explosion, the train derailed and I incorporated what I like to call "roleplaying CGI" where the train cars flew off the handle skimming past the PC's heads after they made the decision to evacuate utilizing the "duck and roll" technique.

Apparently, this was a little too action oriented for one of my players. He informed me I was running the game wrong, and that WOD games were meant to reflect the characters dealing with "real life" through their supernatural differences. In short, he wanted The Horse Whisperer, and I was delivering Kill Bill.

I cannot do this. I find no pleasure in roleplaying everyday life with a bit of mysticism thrown in. Would I go watch a movie, or read a novel, or graphic novel about John Doe, the werewolf partaking in the audious task of doing his taxes? No, probably not. I am not a big fan of total hack-n-slash either, but in my humble opinion games need some sort of action sequence, some sort of happenings beyond the every day traffic jam. MaybeI tend to over-exaggerate my action scenes, but I can't help that. ^_^ I am a fan of the classic kung fu movie subculture.

Consequently, when asked to return to play a game of Hunter: The Reckoning, the said player responded.. "No, I wouldn't feel right killing vampires." /rolls eyes.
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LJ-based games

I've seen a number of posts on this community referencing Live Journal RPGs.

Forgive my ignorance, but could someone here tell me how these sorts of games work? Does everyone post IC in an LJ community for the game, do the players Friend each other's IC journals, what?

(Yes, I'm totally clueless on the subject. Please don't hurt me. :)
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