April 9th, 2004


Stupid moments in gaming!

I was mulling over the time I was in a Vampire: The Masquerade\Werewolf LARP for about 2 years and all the various and sundry moments contained therein, and, I thought I'd relate a particularly bad moment on my part. Now, mind you, I was about 3 years younger and MUCH stupider, so, bear with me and realize I've learned from my horrifying mistakes.

So, in said LARP, I was playing a Ravnos who happened to have the body of a 10 year old boy, and, yet, was extremely charismatic and seductive(I KNOW), and, out of character, I was in puppy love with one of the fellow gamers. So, in my INFINITE wisdom, I decided if my character seduced her in game, why, out of game, things will follow suit. So, this how I go about.

Me: Love-sick moron
Girl: Said interest

Me: I seduce you with my abilities(Note, I actually HAD the "Seduction" skill. Yeah. 10 year old)
Carrie: ...allright.
Me: *goes through the process* Ha! I win! Now you want me!
Carrie: ...So, you turned my character into a pedofile? Great.

I even made it official with the Storyteller who, I think, was so amused and horiffied that she let me pull that off and make it permanent(I'm suprised I didn't get called on that by anyone else). Of course, out of character, said girl completely ignored me, as I think I out and out frightened her now, understandbly and, eventually, I learned that just because your character is suave, doesn't mean you are.

Any of y'all have any stories of particuarly bad leaps of logic or such like the above? I'd love to hear them so I stop feeling so bad.
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