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Monday, March 29th, 2004
9:16a - Game Session 28 March
Game: HARP RPG. Setting: Iron Age Pseudo-Vikings. Cut: Collapse )

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11:19a - Strange but true...
I Marshal a bi-weekly Deadlands:Hell on Earth game. On occasion I need to step away from that game and get involved in another, usually to drive the creative engine for the main game, the HOE game. More often than not it involves a homebrew setting in an established system. I've done this twice already and the secondary game never got to the table, just creating the homebrew was enough to get me back on track with the main game. I find myself wanting to cook up another homebrew. So....
I put it before the community. If you were to make a Herbie the Lovebug game, what system would you use?
One of my gamers suggested Car Wars, which made me think of the Gurps:Autoduel supplement. I also thought of the racing and driving rules that Polyhedron magazine made of d20 Modern. Savage Worlds also has a independent set of racing/driving rules available as a pdf.
Any opinions?

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3:55p - WoD-riffic in the Washington, DC area
Okay, it looks like I'll probably be running a Changeling game and a Werewolf game in my local area (i.e. the Washington, DC Metro area, with a slight bias toward the Maryland side of things). This is an open call for players.

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5:14p - Ideas and suggestions, please
Hey all, I need a little help...

I've been approached by a friend who works for a local newspaper. He wants to do an article on roleplaying for their Features section, and has asked me to run a session for him and some of his colleagues, a couple of whom have never played before.

Now, I've run games for those who've never played before, so that isn't so much a problem. What I'm working on though is trying to get a decent game out of a single session. I've run plenty of lengthy campaigns, but never a one-off. I'll be precreating characters for them, but what I really need is a few nice ideas to turn into an adventure for a single session. Will be using a neo-medieval game world.

Any suggestions? As well as tips on how to handle these reporter-types ;)


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