March 20th, 2004

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I've had problems in the past with players that insisted on hogging DM attention by having their characters wander off from the group and doing interesting, but irrelevant things. To combat this, I came up with this table. Just thought I'd post it, see what you guys think. I'm also curious if anyone else has any tricks they use to discourage players from splitting up too much.

If a character insists on breaking off from the group, e.g. to run back to town buy a fishing net and a bottle of wine, instead of roleplaying what happens, secretly roll a d%.
d% Result
01 Character dies. Other characters will have to search for the body if they want to find it.
02 Character is lying unconscious but stable at -5 hp in an alley or wilderness as appropriate.
03 Character is being held in the local constabulary or by some other neutral party for some infraction until a 50gp fine is paid by the characters.
04 Character is lying drunk and passed out in a brothel (even if he or she is a character that would never do such a thing.)
05 Character is in the middle of a tense high-stakes card game. Character has lost 100gp or all money if less.
06 Character has been enchanted (charmed, entranced, hypnotized, suggested, dominated or geased) and is currently doing some embarassing chore for his or her enchanter.
07 Character has become lost and is currently 2d20 miles from where he or she should be. Roll a d8 to determine direction.
08 Character has gone domestic and is in the middle of a marriage ceremony when/if characters arrive.
09 Character has found religion or is suddenly feeling repentent if already religious and is kneeling and praying in a temple when encountered by characters.
10 Character has inspired the rage of the town or some other appropriate neutral group who is chasing the character when encountered by the other characters.
11-99 Character completes the task he or she set out to do and returns in an appropriate amount of time.
00 Character somehow manages to complete the task in record time, what might have taken 3 hours, instead only takes 3 minutes. Perhaps a merchant just happened to be passing by or some other appropriate act of providence.

Note: On a roll of 01 to 10, the character will never return and instead the players will have to search for him/her. If they choose not to, then the player will simply have to roll up another character, never knowing what happened to the last character. The DM need not come up with any explanation or rational for what happened to the character when discovered, however the character may make any explanation he or she likes and the other characters may or may not choose to believe it if they like.

Crazy campaign i thought of while quitting smoking

Yo all, ive been in roleplayers for awhile now, not really posting but, ive got an idea for a campaign if anyone is interested, heres the storyline:

You awake in a barren wasteland. Looking around your see nothing but sand and bones. Hearing screams of torment and death all around. The sky is crimson red, the landscape is barely lit by the sun. As the sun passes over the horizion, you see the shadow of 8 great towers. Knowing nothing of what to do, you head into the horizion. Knowing nothing except what youve seen. Wondering if youll ever make it out of this wasteland, back to your friends,family home....

Thats the quikie interlude. Lemme know what yall think, IM me on aim sometime if your interested, i need someone to help DM this mofo lol. My grp did it and loved it, so yea, if your interested holler!! The campain is for lvls 1-30. Im wanting to use D&D 3.5 to run this compaing or 3.0. Open to new rules if anyone wants to holler.
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Looking for roleplayers interested in joining a new PBeM!

My name is William Ryan, and I am a new GM to the PBeM style. However, I am currently involved in one as a player, and I have literally thousands of hours under my belt in real life GMing, so I don't think this will be a problem. I am either going to do a Fantasy or Science Fiction game for my first try, depending upon what my players want. I'm equally willing to do both, at this point. Anyway, I am looking for a small handful to begin with, probably not more than ten. If I get a LOT of responses, I might do both a Fantasy AND a Science Fiction, but I am doubtful about that. Anyway, I have no language restrictions on my games, and the tone will be serious. I'm looking for dedicated, smart players, and good roleplaying is especially helpful. If you are interested, please drop me a line at, with questions or comments. I'll be using a Yahoo Groups message board for the game, and I'll invite one once we've talked over e-mail.

I look forward to playing with anyone who is interested!
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