March 16th, 2004

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Have any of you ever started thinking from a character's perspective? Thinking thoughts the character would think, acting like the character would act, 'becoming' the character, wearing the character's personality like a mask, ect.

If you have, would you mind describing what it was like for you? What were the circumstances that it happens under? What does if feel like?

I'm trying to compare how getting into character works from an acting, roleplaying, and writing perspective.

Half Daemon

My character in the online rpg has just been turned into a half daemon. It's a very hard situation for her to be in. And it doesn't help me as a player to stay away from becoming evil. All my past characters, even when starting out good, turn out evil and sacrifice small children. So this time, i'm trying to stay as good as possible. Not like a cleric or anything, just..good. So I'm really gonna have to play up this angsty "I don't wanna be a half daemon" thing. We'll see how it goes.
Steve latest

A great night of gaming.

Played D&D (3rd edition) on Friday night in Temecula and had a hell of a lot of fun. I was able to pull off a couple of things with my character (Ranger 6/Order of the Bow Archer 1) that would make any gamer geek proud:

We were in an elven city that was totally empty and we could not figure out why. Our cleric did some magical recon and found a huge concentration of magic under the palace at the end of town. We went to check it out and found a Skeleton Lord sitting on the King's throne and he had his minions attack us. We were able to defeat the first wave and then noticed that the Skeleton Lord was gone. We found a secret passage behind the throne and went down to a room beneath the castle that was as big around as the castle (which was quite large). We were shocked to find that all of the Elves from the city were down here as well, chained to the wall, one after another. Our cleric and wizard examined the chains and discovered that they were draining the life energy from the elves and sending it into a large pool of water at the end of the room. In the pool was an army of skeletons and in the middle was the Skeleton Lord.

After a short debate on what to do, 2 of our party (a couple of half-Orcs, both stronger than they were smart) were able to pull one of the manacle chains from the wall, unfortunately this had just the effect I thought it would and the Skeleton Lord sent out all of the skeletons in the pool after us. (Luckily the cleric had cast Invisible to Undead on me, since I was going to stand watch). The other went to flee up the passage and I just stayed where I was since the skeletons could not see me anyway. After they left I tried to see if I could take out the Lord by shooting him with an arrow that had a Magic Dagger lashed to the end of it. Unfortunately this woke him up and caused the spell on me to be ended. He looked up at me and rose to the top of the water in the pool (he had cast waterwalk on himself). Just then the Cleric and one of the Half-Orcs reappeared via Dimension Door. The cleric cast a couple of spells on the Half-Orc (Bull Strength and Waterwalk among them) and he attacked the Skeleton Lord with his magic Heavy Mace. They traded blows for a few rounds and then I got a bright idea.

I turned to our GM and asked him if I could attempt to shoot the crown off the Skeleton Lord's head (which logic dictates is magical in some way so depriving him of it might be a good thing). The GM says that I can try but it will be dificult. I roll my borrowed d20 and get: a natural 20. Twang goes my bow as the arrow shoots forward at just the right angle to knock the crown off of the Skeleton Lord's head. The Half-Orc continues to bash away at him while the Lord swings his sword at the Half-Orc. After a few more rounds I can see that the Half-Orc is begining to show signs of needing help. I turn to the GM again and ask: Can I shoot an arrow and knock the sword out of the Lord's hand? Once again the GM says I can try but it will still be a tough roll. Once again I roll my borrowed d20 and get: another natural 20. Twang my bow goes once again as the arrow shoots forward and strikes the Skeleton Lord's sword hand shattering it and causing his sword to drop into the pool depths. The Half-Orc charges him and with a mighty swing of his mace shatters the Skeleton Lord's body into a thousand pieces.

Those two arrow shots were just too cool.
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