March 5th, 2004

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Gaming and the gender divide

The other day, I was writing up a summary of the game I've been running for a couple of years now, and it hit me yet again that I'm a woman running a game for five guys. And that in most of the tabletop games I've been involved in over the past five years or so, I've been the only woman. And that in my game, and most of these other games, there were initially female players — I went out of my way to recruit them — but that they consistently showed up late, wanted to leave early, paid less attention than the guys did, and ultimately dropped out of the game.

Last week, I was at a gaming convention attended by about 300 people. I met about three women the entire weekend. At one point, I walked into one of the free-gaming rooms and realized there were at least 60 people in there, but I was the only woman.

This depresses me sometimes. I run into a lot of serious gaming women at LARPs, people who are really into the subculture and their characters, but in tabletop, not so much. I know there are exceptions to the rule; I'm one of them. And I know the exceptions have good reason to read communities like this, and that given LJ's gender balance, this community's readership is disproportionately female, as compared to the overall gamer population. Therefore, I'm sure a good chunk of the people reading this post are women… so please don't respond to this with "I'm a woman, and I game!" I know you're out there. You just don't seem nearly as common at conventions, in the open areas in game stores, or in any gaming circle I've ever been a part of.

Has anyone ever composed or seen a decent, solid theory as to why tabletop gaming would appeal more to men than women, and why serious gaming-geek men outnumber the women by such a margin?
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There's a new place called that makes hand made dice bags according to what you want. You can customize it in almost every way you want. Needing something aside from a cheap bag from Chessex, I figured why not splurge?

This bag is the most orgasmic gaming accessory I now own ^_^

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The contrast between the penguin outline and the royal blue isn't very good thanks to my crappy pencam.

Check it out, believe me, it's worth it. Especially with the custom embroidary option ^_^

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