March 2nd, 2004


PC Introductions

Hey all, for those who want to read it--

I've just started playing in a D&D Epic campaign. And I thought you might be interested in hearing about the character I came up with. I'm not really a D&Der--I'm hardcore GURPS...but here we go.

20th Level Rogue, Halfling.
Cade Darkwine.
He is...the godfather. More DeNiro, less Brando. Neutral Evil (though he conceives of himself as sort of lawful and those who earn his loyalty)
Behind the veneer of respectable vintner and merchant, Cade runs a powerful crime syndacate, dealing in information, and all of the vices one can think of. He however, considers family to be the utmost of importance. The Darkwine family also has brother Sonny--the hotheaded Halfling Ranger with the two bladed sword, sister Talia--Bard, Bookeeper and winemaker, Cade's Wife Merle--the crafty enchantress and lots and lots of followers: those that run the gambling den's, the brothels, the dog racing tracks, the taverns, and so on.

It seems that there is big evil in the land. Evil large enough to need the combined efforts of the greatest heroes of faerun. The paladins are fighting for Good, the clerics are fighting for Good, Cade is fighting for the survival of his "business" and the survival of his family.



I just joined this community today, and wanted to say hi. I'm a 30 year old student at the University of North Texas. I've been playing rpgs since I was 11. I mostly favor cinematic, rules-light types of games, such as Unknown Armies, BESM, Feng Shui, Call of Cthulhu, etc. I favor games with strong plot elements, good stories and lots of roleplaying.

I've been trying to get a gaming group together, but have been having a lot of problems with scheduling. I actually "retired" from gaming about 8 months ago cause I was so fed up with people being unable to show up regularly, or not giving notice when they couldn't make it. I joined a good friend of mine's group, but they only meet once a month. It's a good group, and I've had fun with them, but I'm looking for something more regular. BTW, if anyone on here is from the Denton/Lewisville/North Dallas area and has an opening in their group or is looking to create a group, drop me an email at

I post periodically to, and am on a few mailing lists. I have a few opinions on roleplaying, and like to discuss them occasionally. I'm looking forward to posting more to this community. Au revoir!