February 29th, 2004


Suggestions Wanted

Okay, folks. I'm designing a system for characters who are all landed nobility. It's going to be fairly simple (narrativist, one might say) and the basic system will encompass a number of fairly disparate tasks. These tasks, incidentally, will form the basis of the system, replacing the generally accepted, but rather abstract combination of attributes and skills (whatever names they go by), so I'd really like to focus one what a lord actually must do, not consider vaguely what he might be able to do. Now, I know all you creative people are just full of ideas regarding what kind of tasks a noble might have to undertake, so why don't you help me fill in a few blanks.

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The system is intended for use in a variety of fantasy or pseudo-historical settings, so basically throw out whatever comes to mind. Your help is much appreciated!
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