February 27th, 2004


Focus of people's games

This poll was inspired by a discussion I had with the GM of a Changeling PbEM game that I used to play in. He maintained that the main focus of a game should be the plot; I maintained that it should be the PCs. I was wondering where other people fell on the spectrum; thus, this poll.

Feel free to vote, and leave comments if you so desire.

Poll #255022 Game focus

What is the main focus of your games?

The plot
The Player Characters
Both, but more the plot
Both, but more the PCs
Both, equally
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Random D&D rules question...

I ran into a particularly peculiar state of events while playing D&D 3.5, and I was wondering how various DMs would handle it.

1) Creature A has a special effect that occurs when it touches someone, say 1d6 fire damage or secreting a poison. Would you check for this every time it touched someone, say twice if it grabbed someone (two hands)?

2) If Creature A gets into a grapple with Creature B, would you have the touch effect take place every round, or does it count only when initial contact is made?

3) (the ten-dollar question) If Creature B then *paralyzes* Creature A while Creature A has Creature B in a death-grip: a) would the death-grip still hold, and b) if so, would the touch effects keep coming?

Never thought I'd have to deal with touch effects on this level...
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help with humorous star wars game!

I'm running a party game tomorrow night that's a mix of [U]Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead[/U], the short film "Troops", and Paranoia. The characters will all be imperial stormtroopers assigned to track down a missing escape pod that may contain Death Star plans on the jerkwater planet of Tatooine. Over the course of the game, they'll bungle and blunder their way through the events of the first Star Wars film, culminating in the epic destruction of the Death Star. Like Paranoia, there will be treasonous secret societies, force powers, and rebel spies.

Any suggestions for slapstick stormtrooper humor?

Finished a short game.

Had a short dnd game, was fun.. thought I'd plug some snippets
I've edited out any dice rolling. The lines shows time elasping.

info needed...
Piper is a halfing thief, he likes puppies.
Aycarus is a barbarian from the wastelands.
Arrak is a barbarian shaman, also from the wastes.

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