February 26th, 2004

People are stupid...

My gaming group meet's every thursday at a local coffe shop. It's a really cool private owned place and the owner lets us have the back area where the couches and tables are for the whole day if we want. Well today we were sitting back there rolling up new characters when these two women walked in. They were obviously curious as to what we were doing and I heard one of them ask the owner to which he responded "they are playing Dungeons & Dragons". At this point she let out a strange sort of chuckle, turned towards us and made the sign of the cross at us.

Needless to say I was REALLY offended. I know that it was just a result of her own lack of education in regards to what roleplaying games are all about but still, it got under my skin. It was beyond the normal reaction some people get when they find out you are a gamer. I mean this woman not only mocked a part of my religion by doing what she did, she also basically said that my friends and I were enemies of God when in fact I personally am a Christian.

Has anyone else had to deal with things like this? Prejudice or remarks which go above and beyond the normal "okay.. well you're a nerd" type stuff?
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