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Tuesday, February 24th, 2004
1:46p - A (Belated) DundraCon report
(Snipped from my journal and posted here for your enjoyment)

Yeah, I know, I haven't been quick to post my Dundracon report. A heck of a lot happened at the con, and I've been letting things just hang out in the back of my mind, hoping everything would auto-sort. I don't think they have, so forgive any rambliness in the writing that lies ahead. I'll tackle this chronologically from Friday evening to Monday evening, trying to give information in the order recieved.

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6:30p - [Gaming Essay] Potential sources of conflict prospective players should be aware of (Rough Draft)
[Originally titled "Things you should know before joining a game I run", title changed to something more accurate. Someday that title will reappear, on an essay which is much more balanced and functional.]

Before you click on the essay cut-link, please read the following. I wrote this for myself and for the gaming group I run now and the groups I will run in the future. I post this so that others can see what I have done and other GMs may be inspired to do the same for their GMships. I do not expect anyone to agree with the viewpoints I hold, nor is this an invitation to debate those viewpoints at this time, but I do expect that every player and GM holds some viewpoints of their own and the writing down of such is something I feel is valuable in terms of both self-understanding and avoiding negative drama with GMs/players. This is a rough draft and a work in process, not a finished and polished document. [Edited four times for content since posting]

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