February 20th, 2004


Play Champions? Read this.

HERO makes great e-tools called HERO Designer that I've been using for over a year, and bought and updated and were so good that I even insisted that people buy rather than giving people copies as free-ware, even though the software isn't copy-protected in any way.

I recently suffered a failure with XP and had to reinstall. I had all my gaming filed backed up to a seperate drive, however when I installed XP it reformatted every drive it saw rather than just the partition on the drive I pointed it to. So I've been asking companies that I bought software from to please provide copies of the software I had previously purchased, assuming I could prove to them that I had purchased it. Every company thus far has been willing to do so, except HERO.

Below is the e-mail thread, which is backwards of course like most e-mail threads. I'm very disappointed with their response, which was actually even more obnoxious because th items in their e-mail in CAPS were actually bolded, in a bigger font and made red..

Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it. I especially enjoyed the detailed and caring response I was given. Especially since I stated quite clearly in my e-mail that I had backed up your software, and the back-up was also damaged.

As an FYI, your company is the only one that is refusing to assist me. Which is really sad since I've been playing Champions for 14 years.

But it's ok. I'll be sure to tell all my gaming friends how Wizards of the Coast was willing to replace nearly $100 in data sets and e-tools and how HERO just copied from their FAQ. I always wondered why inferior systems were more widespread than HERO, and now it's obvious. Because you have inferior customer service skills.

Consider yourself having lost 17 customers. I say 17 because I will now be switching my Fantasy HERO campaigns to D&D and will switching my Champions ones to Marvel. The gaming won't be as enjoyable of course, but at least I will be supporting a company that intelligently shows compassion for people in difficult circumstances.

--- "Orders (Hero Games)" wrote:
> MessageFrom the Online Store FAQ. :
> http://www.herogames.com/SupportFAQs/OnlineStoreFAQ.htm
> Q. I purchased a download file but I lost it due to
> a hard drive crash. Can
> I re-download it?
> A. Unfortunately, we don't allow people to download
> software and files after
> the initial download. MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP YOUR
> DOWNLOADED. We will NOT replace lost files.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Andrew JP Reyes [mailto:ajpreyes@yahoo.com]
> Sent: Friday, February 20, 2004 4:19 AM
> To: orders@herogames.com
> Subject: Hero Designer Re-download?
> HOwdy folks,
> I recently suffered a spftware crash on my PC
> and when I went to
> re-install Windows it reformatted my back-up drive,
> containing the original
> HeroDesigner software I purchased as well as that
> upgrade to 2.0. I was
> wondering what information you needed from me as a
> customer so that I could
> prove that I purchased them, and hopfully get
> another download at no charge
> to replace my lost copy of the software. Any help
> would be appreciated.
> drew
Chaos Omega

D&D Grappling

The D&D grappling rules are based around the most common form of grappling known to man; wrestling. In other words it is based on pinning down an opponent on his back. But if any of you are fans of the sport of mixed martial arts (Ultimate Fighting Championship, Pride, King of the Cage), you should know that there is a lot more depth to grappling then just pinning.

There are many different ways to pin your opponent down then chest to chest and using your arms. In Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ; a modern form of grappling jujutsu) the primary goal is to improve your posistion in a grappling situation. One of the best positions is called the mount; sitting astride your opponents abdomen, knees and shins on the ground on either side of the hips. This offers a tremendous amount of control over your opponents movement and leaves both hands free to throw punches and elbows.

Another feature of BJJ is the use of finishing holds (or submissions). Any number of joint locks and choke holds can be used to break the opponents limbs, or render them unconcious (by cutting off the blood to the brain).

Mixed martial arts events have proven that simply pinning your opponent is not enough. Improving your position so that you can more easily strike and apply finishing holds is a higher form of grappling.

So what am I getting to here? I think that a skill or series of feats could add some depth to the grappling system, and allow grappling to become a method of attack that should be in any fighter or monks arsenal. Any thoughts?

Furthermore... a question: I know you can choose grappling for a Weapon Focus feat, but what effect would a Weapon Specialization have on grappling?

Thaks for your time!
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