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Tuesday, February 17th, 2004
My girlfriend (who is awesome) gave me a copy of Nobilis (which I had previously thought was hard to find, and when I eventually found it, I didn't have the budget for it). I've been reading it, and finding it beautiful. It's a game about beauty, and it takes the concept to the core of its writing, layout, system and gameplay. I feel like it's more art than game, and should I run it, I would need to be significantly more literary than usual.

Has anyone on here run Nobilis? Could you give me an idea what it's like?

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12:17p - A very sad thing.
My cat peed on my Mage live action book. So the book was thrown away, and I hadn't gotten around to buying another, because the only Mage LARP in Colorado was being run by someone I... didn't think highly of.

But as things have happened, someone new will be running that game, and I've really been wanting to play. I even found someone who has a similar character concept to my own, and asked if I'd like to go in as her apprentice. (Yay!) I was wondering if anybody knows if the rules are posted somewhere online for me to look through to start making a character, until I have the opportunity to purchase a new, urine-free copy of the book.

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8:40p - Intrigue
Anyone have any resources/advice for running a campaign focused on political intrigue? I've never done it before so I'm all ears.

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