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Roleplayer's Community's Journal

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Thursday, February 12th, 2004
11:57a - Help a GM...
So, my new In Nomine game is set in Las Vegas (where else to send angels but "Sin City") so I'm looking for useful details.

Specifically I want to send my characters to Burning Man this summer, so if you've been to it and have stuff to contribue I'd be very appreciative.

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1:59p - DunDraCon XXVIII
(x-posted to dnd3e.)

Anyone going to be there?  If so, I'm running a game on Saturday at 10.  (Look for "Missing Children" or #224.)


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8:20p - Cliche Hi Post

Just stumbled onto this community and joined it., always fun to talk to fellow gamers.

I am primarily a Mage gamer with little experience in the other WoD games. I just picked up BESM d20 and I’m enjoying it. The system in BESM is so great for me because its open ended. Sometimes I just want to play games based of different games and anime and BESM is very good for it. I had a significant amount of fun played a Resident Evil one, which surprisingly turned out to be better than I thought. If you seriously want to have some fun, create some low level characters and add some zombies and guns.

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