February 12th, 2004

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Help a GM...

So, my new In Nomine game is set in Las Vegas (where else to send angels but "Sin City") so I'm looking for useful details.

Specifically I want to send my characters to Burning Man this summer, so if you've been to it and have stuff to contribue I'd be very appreciative.

Cliche Hi Post


Just stumbled onto this community and joined it., always fun to talk to fellow gamers.

I am primarily a Mage gamer with little experience in the other WoD games. I just picked up BESM d20 and I’m enjoying it. The system in BESM is so great for me because its open ended. Sometimes I just want to play games based of different games and anime and BESM is very good for it. I had a significant amount of fun played a Resident Evil one, which surprisingly turned out to be better than I thought. If you seriously want to have some fun, create some low level characters and add some zombies and guns.
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