February 10th, 2004

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Has anyone else ever had a sudden setting/system idea pop up in their head?

Has anyone successfully carried through with the design and implementation of that setting/system?

I kind of got a recent idea after reading the "thigs you dont like about fantasy RPGs" threads on RPG.net forums, so I'm wondering about people's experiences, ideas, yadda yadda.

And no, this isnt the first time it's occurred to me. I've partially designed countless worlds, have been since I first started wargaming about 8 years back :)
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An observation...

Recently I started thinking about the characters I tended to play in my various games. I've played a lot of magic users/psionics, a number of priests/clerics, several bards/musicians/artsis, a doctor or engineer or two, and a few generally intelligent people. In general a subset of the educated stereotypical brains... except I have never played a scientist as more than an NPC.

The only explaination I can think of is that I am a scientist -- in-training as of now, professional in 6-8 years. Roleplaying is a lot of about pretending to be something you are not -- probably the reason I will always check to see what magic users and non humans are avaible and will grab one if they look interesting or I don't have a vivid idea for a human and/or non-magic-user. I can go to work and do science. I can't do some of the things my characters do (Not just magic: one of my current tabletop characters is a Catholic priest, a career that, even if I had the faith, I am not elligible for).

So, I pose the question to you out there... are there any character ideas you rarly play for a similar reason... because it is far too 'close to home'?
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I've got a small problem

Everyone started the campaign at first-level and her character is an elf monk, probably the first time she has ever played one. She wrote her background to include living at a monastary for over 100 years, and another player decided to play a human monk who had been at the same monastary for about 20 years. I received an e-mail from her today asking: "it doesn't make sense that ix is a 1st level character, when she's 270 years old. how can we remedy this?"

Bearing in mind, this is a player whom I have seen fudging her dice rolls and is always trying to better her character in a power gamer sort of way. I am tempted to just tell her she has a higher status in the monastary but is still low level but I don't know how to justify this except in the context of "I want everyone to be low level right now"

So, what do I tell her?

EDIT: Problem solved, no need to comment anymore.

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I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to respond to my small problem. You all gave me some things to think about and I'm pretty sure the problem is solved. As for my actual game, I'm running the Keep on the Borderlands module within the Birthright campaign setting, and after each sunday (when we play) I post a session report that sums up major activities of the gaming session. Check it out if you're interested.