February 8th, 2004


World Of Warcraft review in-action

World Of Warcraft(or WOW)is, simply put, D&D in the world of..well...Warcraft. WOW is a land of political intrigue and menance, where the wrong word slipped to the wrong person can get a dagger in the back or a paladin army hot on your heels. It is a land where mighty creatures and demons roam the land, claiming entire swathes of land as their own, daring you to take it, and whatever riches they have, from them. WOW is, simply put, an epic combination of intrigue and adventure.

I saw none of that. I'm playing a level 3 Tauren Fighter, a powerhouse in every sense that, so far, has been able to take whatever the DM can dish out. And, it seems, so far, the entire game has been a grudge match against me. Ever since taking out the appointed "Big bad" of an entire adventure in one well-timed it, she's, seemingly, had it out on me. Pit traps happening to open up wherever I'm walking, HUGE goblins(33+ HP) 'happening to encounter me alone, that sort of thing. So, until I finally die or destroy Cenarius for the second time in his existence, I cannot give an unbiased report of this game. I apologize.

(As a side-note: My character is built solely for combat and the DM expressely wished me to make such a character before she realized the implications, and, outside of battles, I've been lauded for good roleplaying. So, nyah to power gamer speculations).
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