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Friday, February 6th, 2004
12:20p - Help a New DM!!
Well, I'm not exactly new... I've had a little experience playing a one-on-one with my sister. But in the near future, I'm getting together some friends (and my sister) to play a short D&D (3.0) campaign. Now this might sound like I'm coming off as really lazy, but I'm not! I have no time to do what I want to do, nor do I think that I could make what I want to do work. So I ask you all for some serious help!

If someone could direct me to a couple different things that I need for my campaign (preferably something on the internet, as I have NO money right now), that would be stellar;

- I need a simple 1st level adventure, for 4-5 players, light on the problem solving, heavy on hack n' slash. But not too heavy...

- I need some rules for animal-people type races, available at first level. You know, anthropomorphics? Including stuff like, frog-people, lion, wolf, turtle, bear, and rat...

Thanks, in advance, for your help!

current mood: worried

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1:20p - This might not be appropriate for this Forum but...
This is most likely going to be rather long, so to be on the safe side I shall place it behind an LJ-Cut if you are intrested please read on.
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current mood: apathetic

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6:10p - Looking for a RP song...
Ok I heard this song awhile ago, it was a parody of the Beetles song 'Hey Jude' but it was about role playing and now I can't find hide nor hair of it.
I think it was like 'Hey Dued' or somthing I do remember one line though.
"Hey dude, don't feel bad, you where made to Role Play Better" It's not that great of a song but it's been nagging at me for like 2 months now. Thanks in advance.

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