February 5th, 2004


Dealing with sensitive players

(x-posted to gmworkshop)

How does a player (or GM) deal with players whose feelings seem to be all too easily bruised?

I used to play in a PbEM game where nearly everything I said or did at one point offended one of the other players. I would apologize for inadvertantly offending her, but shortly thereafter I would unknowingly do *something else* that made her upset at me, and the cycle would start anew. After a while, it seemed like I couldn't do *anything* without offending her, which made playing very uncomfortable, so I tendered my resignation.

I'd like to avoid this sort of situation in the future, but I'm not sure what to do, other than to ask for a list of what upsets people, which seems to be awfully gauche...:/

RP Survey

This is just a survey about our roleplying habits. Nipped from an old Forge thread, I thought it would be interesting to see what people here have to say.

1. Consider the people you roleplay with. Do you ever socialize with them without role-playing? If so, which type of socializing is more common (role-playing or not role-playing)? That is, do you occasionaly roleplay with your friends or do you occasionally socialize with your RP crew?

2. Do you share experiences about your RP experiences with members of other RP groups? Do you socaialize with other members of other groups without RP being involved as an issue?

3. Do other people you know who do not role-play know about your hobby? Do you discuss it with them to any degree? If so how often?

4. Have any of the answers to the previous questions changed over your years as a roleplayer? If so, how?

5. Do you and your fellow RP group members share similar answers to these questions?