February 3rd, 2004

The (undead) lady or the dragon?

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Which would rather do first:

1- Save a floating sea city (think Atlantis - BEFORE it sank) from hordes of undead.


2- Try to 'cure' an ancient (but now demonic) sea dragon of it's taint?

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So...what would you pick? Would you want to raid the city or try and heal the dragon? OR...maybe you have another idea?
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first things first, if you're any good with such things help name a feat. any commentary on balance/mechanics is appriciated too. yes, I know spell focus (conjuration) is essentially a wasted feat.

Secondly, I was wondering if the GMs out there named their campaigns, and if so how. For a long time I didn't, however I've fun so many games now (and many with so many of the same people) I've had to start for some kind of reference.
for example, my d&d campaigns include are "the old game" and "the game before that," (which were before I started campaign naming, and have created more than a little confusion because of that), then came "Days to Come" (which was designed to be some leveling to get a couple epic characters/revisitation of characters from an old game who were already epic and was very much a "what will the future of this world be... or will it even have a future?"), since then I've played under others until recently and I just started 2 games one is called "Where angels fear to tread." (which has 2 paladins, an exaulted [per BoED] monk [read; paladin with other abilities], and a healer [per the miniatures book]- the title is a double reference, first to the qote about fools rushing in, for obvious reasons, and second it referrs to the fact the main story arc involves the players failing to prevent an angel from falling and immediately getting dragged to the abyss for "retraining" [to be fair, they really didn't get a chance] and are now rather expected to retrieve and save said fallen being.) the other I just kinda pulled a name out of a hat for...
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Unknown Armies Game

Yo. I'll be running an Unknown Armies tabletop game in Chicago. I'll run "To Go", the most recent supplement and first ever complete campaign published for UA. Unknown Armies is an incredible game. Its very accessible and new players are definitily welcome. Collapse )

Sorry if this is the wrong place to advertise this. I tried rpg_connect, but their readership is pretty small.

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Again, a post in parts, this will be 2.5.

1) thanks to everyone who made suggestions for the feat name, I got the final name from something clawfoot suggested.
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1.5) thanks for the commentary on naming campaigns, it's interesting to hear what other gms think about the idea...

2) set up a new community for one of the D&D game's I'm running... will (hopefully, if the players keep up) be a repository for "journal entries" from the characters in the game. one player has an entry in it, one an entry that should be moved to it shortly, and a third (the bard and "official record keeper," who's a journalism major), plus anyone else who weighs in from the party ought to keep it lively. you can find the group over at steelheartgame. comments and commentary are welcome... though no garentee of entertainment (yet ~crosses fingers~)

Thanks again everyone!
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Kindred of the East online?

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Does anyone know of a Play-by-Post, Play-by-E-Mail or LJ game that allows Kuei-jin PCs? I've got a Thrashing Dragon I'm itching to play.

(I have no knowledge of MUSHing or MUDing, so any MU-type game would have to be *very* beginner-friendly. I also don't really have time to devote to real-time games, so that may not be a viable option anyway...)
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