February 1st, 2004

MIP Sith
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So if you were this PC, how would you react?

(Hi. I run a DnD, Forgotten Realms weekly campaign and would like some input on this.)

This PC, a Champion of Lathander (Paladin 6/Fighter 4), has gone through the following:

His town was taken over by a Mind-Flayer

His temple exploded and was desecrated by (possible) followers of Bane

Demons and Devils were let loose upon the city

His parents are missing

...and his Girlfriend (in the game...an NPC magic shop owner) serves those who worship Tiamat

All these events (save for the last one) have been circumvented by the heroes to which this NPC has joined up with.

What would you do, if you were this NPC, when your girlfriend falls in battle with the heroes. You didn't find out that she was involved until this battle.

Would you:
a: go to her side and aid her because she is the only thing you have left
b: stand true with your comrades and fight off the rest of the evil combatants in your girlfriend's party


Quick Announcement of Personal Accomplishment:

I just wanted to say that I've spent the weekend self-editing the psionics and magic section of Rifts:Psyscape, Rifts:Federation of Magic and Rifts:Main. It took all my free time for a day, but I've cut out and tweaked it into an average-to-low, all SDC, power bracket.
Now all I want to do is mess around with vehicle stats, tweak the effects of bionic and cybernetic augmentation on psychics/mages, play around with armor-types just the slightest itty-bit, and I'll be done done done.
Love the fluff, hate the specifics of the system, and I edit better than I invent. In the words of the Rejected cloud-person, 'life is good'!
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