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Friday, January 30th, 2004
8:04a - Exalted - ?
Sorry For Cross-Posting

Im going to pick up Exalted by White Wolf Studios and was curious as to if anyone was running the system and if y'all can share your campaigns with me so I can get an ideas of what its like.


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10:54a - Ring Lord PrC - I need a hand trying to fix this...if it is possible
I have sent this to some of my friends as well as a few other DMs I know and I am gathering feedback for modifications.

This was a class one of my players wanted to make. the problem is that this player tends to try and take advantage of my ignorance in 3.5 rules as well as the fact I dislike flat out saying 'no'. I would like to fix this...thing...and make it balanced...if possible. Any suggestions you have would be wonderful.

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