January 22nd, 2004


Drawing out quiet players

x-posted in gmworkshop:

Does anyone have any advice for getting players who sit quietly on the sidelines to do more in-game? I've had this sort of thing happen to me before, and I always find myself wondering if the player in question is bored or lost. Sometimes even coming up to the player and saying something like, "OK, Mary, what is Rhiannon doing now?" has resulted in nothing but a glazed look in the player's eyes and at most a shrug.

On a somewhat related note, what can a GM do to encourage players who are frightened of IC consequences to feel free to participate? I had a player in one game who didn't do anything because he was afraid his character might get hurt. Maybe encouraging players like this to ally with the other PCs (in my experience they tend to be loner types) would help?
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Geeky dream (x-posted to my own journal)

So, even in my dreams I am a gamer geek.

I had this dream last night where I was at a con (I think it was VeriCon) and they were going to be running a Werewolf LARP (now, i've only played Werewolf a handfull of times and I'm still really fuzzy on most of the details). I decided last minute that I wanted to play. There was this really long line of people waiting to go into the main room to do character creation. As I was walking down the line to the end, this girl stepped out of the line and confronted me. She said, "Are you going to play?" and I responded, "Yes I am." And then she got all in my face and said, "Are you sure????" and I said, "Yeah I'm sure, what's it to you?" (or something), turned around and kept walking.

But then I was in a special room and daobear was helping me create my character (I think I got special privilage b/c I knew him). I was going through the Werewolf book and I couldn't find the tribe that I wanted. I knew I didn't want to be a Black Fury. I was looking into a Native American tribe, but there was this really detailed image in the book of some guy who thought he was having this amazing dream of power and happiness, but really these crows had pecked at his eyes and they were all bloody. So I decided that I didn't want to be in that tribe but I still wanted to be connected w/Native Americans. I was having a lot of trouble finding the information on the different tribes b/c the book wasn't arranged in any sort of logical order. I finally decided that I wanted to be a Silver *something* (I couldn't remember the second half...this morning, Aerith told me it was Fang) b/c I wanted to be a leader.

Then I came up with this whole backstory about how my parents left me to be raised with the Native American tribe, but I was this white girl. There was something about aligators also. I don't really remember what, but it involved wading into the aligator area and some sort of test of will and strenght to not get bitten. Then it went into me being returned to my parents and I had this tattoo of a cross on the top of my left hand between the thumb and index finger that they had put there, but there was another tattoo from my Native American tribe around it and it really upset my parents.

Then I was in the game and I was the leader of my assigned group. We were all hoping into a car (convertable, maybe silver - Legue of Extraordinary Gentlemen showing up here???) and the girl from before was driving. I said to her, "Get going, bitch." b/c we needed to get moving. I was happy that I could say that to her and since she was a werewolf and b/c I was her leader she couldn't give me any lip back.

That's all I remember about it. But all of a sudden I want to play werewolf so I can try out my character.
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Ship Layout.

I recently used Microsoft Visio to create a layout of the space transport that we got in our Star Wars game.

The ship is a Citadel-Class Cruiser from Starships of the Galaxy. We named it The Stellar Tide.

What do you think?
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The Black Company


In brief. Green Ronin will publish a d20 sourcebook for Glen Cook's Black Company.

Like or hate The Black Company, this is not your standard fantasy set-up.

Now I'm a little upset that this isn't OGL. I think you could go places basing this off of the M&M system.

In the last while we've seen a lot of "big media" licenses. The second Lord of the Rings RPG, the second Babylon 5 RPG (d20), the third Star Trek RPG. This year we're seeing a lot of smaller properties. Conan (OGL or d20?). Honor Harrington (T20). And now The Black Comapany.

Between T20 Honor Harrington and d20 Black Company - I have some hard choices to make this Fall, that's for sure.


Integrating players into an existing game?

Does anyone have any advice for integrating new players into an existing game? My WoD game is gaining three new players in the next few sessions, and I'd like to get some ideas.

For reference, the new characters are a lupus Theurge Silent Strider, an Unseelie Sluagh Goth, and a Seelie Sluagh student who moonlights as a high-priced call girl. Information on the game can be found at this website.

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Exalted Goodness

Xposted from my LJ. I had a good idea for an Exalted game, finally - but it sucks that the Haltan sourcebook is out. I keep following farther and farther behind with the damn game lines...

First I'm going to create a small city somewhere in the Hundred Kingdons area. It's basically a Realm protectorate (or, with Outcaste coming out just an Outcaste city) with a heavy Dragon-Blooded presence due to extensive First Age Ruins. There's also a decent ampount of First Age machinery, ranging from ruined to still working (like some areas will have streetlights and maybe even electricity). It's going to be kind of like Nexus in this way, except for being under direct Realm control and a bit more steampunky (but not much). The local Immaculates are fairly fanatical, which will make life hard for any Solars.

The main protagonist is going to be a Lunar that has succumbed to the Wyld and is at the forefront of leading a Fair Folk push into Creation. He's not just going to march into the city pillaging and destroying though - he's more subtle than that. He's turning elements within the city against the Dragon-Blooded, using guile and deceit. A small core of fantatics, who are convinced that the Dragon-Blooded are going to destroy all of Creation by digging into the First Age ruins and using the artifacts and machinery there are working towards wiping the city out and the Dragon-Blooded in one terrible stroke.

The campaign will put the PCs in the fun position of deciding to save the city (and the Dragon-Blooded along with it) or help the Lunar (which will undoubtedly result in the Fair Folk gaining a foothold in creation again). From there, I figure that if they let the city go up in flames it would make a good place for a Shadowland (damned if they do, damned if they don't!!!) which will set them up for the next antagonist.

This is going to be kind of fun....
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World of Darkness Crossover Games

Crossovers in the World of Darkness

It's a topic that comes up often enough in comments that I thought I'd devote a topic to it. Specifically - what do you think of it? If you enjoy them, why? If not, why not? What do they bring to the table?

EDIT: I'm talking about PC crossovers here - having PC's that play different supernaturals in the same group. Using crossover as a GM tool to introduce antagonists is a whole other ballgame.

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Heroes vs the Dice

We play games where our characters emulate to one degree or another the heroes of literature, movies, and even radio shows.

I use the term hero throughout, realizing that many of us play anti-heroes, villians, morally ambiguous adventurers, or whatever.

The Problem.

The heroes we (see/read about/listen to) don't die. Well, okay, so some Boromirs die, but really, they just die to establish a sense of mortal danger.

Those heroes don't fail. Okay, so sometimes they do fail, but that's because it will give the villian a chance for exposition, or somehow carry the character closer to the goal, albeit in a roundabout fashion.

Our heroes.

Our heroes have charming abilities like Melee oooo (klaive), Listen 36%, Craft (Fletcher) 5, and Great Fast Talk. Our heroes have a chance at success or failure. But failure is implied.

The thing is, we may not all want to play a character who is the all singing and all dancing end all and be all. But when the chips are down we all want to get the Torpedo into the Hatch and roar off into space. We all want to be able to charm our way past the guard, sneak our way past the eunich, successfully lift the Ruby Yacht of Omar from it's trapped pedestal, and still get back to the Grand Ball in time to get the Last Dance with Princess Mirialle while simultaneously decoding the Nazi's ciphered plans.

The question. When the chips are down, when it's the final buzzer and you are trailing by two and standing on the three point line...

...Players, how accepting are you of failure?

...GMs, how pressured do you feel to allow success?

How often do Villians use their Fate/Void/Evil points? Who prefers to play in a system that doesn't have an additional fate-fudging mechanic?