January 21st, 2004

  • gatdula

questions. questions that need answers.

i wrote up a NPC for D&D 3rd ed who has the abilities Supreme Cleave and Smite.

in the 3rd ed PHB, the Cleave feat says that if an enemy falls after being struck in melee, the character immediately gets to make another melee attack roll against an adjacent opponent at the same bonus. i have always interpreted this to mean that the character gets to continue the same attack against another opponent (hence Cleave as in cleaving through an opponent or several opponents, and by virtue of the fact that the extra attack roll is made with the same bonus as the original).

i'm asking because i would like to adjudicate a cleaving smite attack. if my NPC successfully kills an opponent with his Smite ability, does the smite continue into his cleave attack(s)? or would it ground into the first opponent thus leaving the cleave attack(s) with normal melee damage? if the cleave attacks are simply separate rolls for the same continuing initial attack, then i would think that the divine power in a smite would continue along with them...

thanks in advance!