January 17th, 2004

White Wolf Books

Someone was looking for older White Wolf gaming books the other night. I just remembered that I have a stack of WW books that are duplicates. I had them on Ebay last year as a lot and the person who won the auction never paid for them.

So I thought I would put them up here to see if anyone wants them. I am not setting a price. Any reasonable offer plus shipping will be accepted. They are just taking up space and none of the gaming stores in my area carry used games, esp stuff that is one or two editions behind current.

These are the books I have to get rid off.

*Vampire: The Masquerade*
Clanbook: Tremere (1994)
Clanbook:Assamite (1997 reprint of the 1994 version)
Clanbook: Ventrue (1998 reprint of the 1994 version)
Clanbook:Setites (1997)
Los Angeles By Night 1994
Storyteller's Handbook (992)

*Werewolf: The Apocalypse*
Freak Legion (1995 Black on Black cover)

*World Of Darkness*
The Inquisition (1995)

and one other- The World of Necroscope :The E-Branch Guise to Psionics by West End Games.

These are used books that do have some wear. I am not even trying to pass them off as mint (Actually the Vamipre ones would qualify as near mint, I believe) but they are still very usable. The spines are not falling apart as the old WW books were prone to do (You should see my First Ed paperback of the main book)

As I said, any reasonable offer plus shipping will be accepted. Like a lot of us, I have way more games than I can prolly ever play, but I ain't getting rid of them, unless they are doubles.

You can email me at the address in my user info if you are interested.