January 16th, 2004

roleplayerz hear my devilishly maddening cries of help

i'm a role-player, to this you can certain. rifts, add+d, world of darkness (except wraith, yuck)...you name it i play it.

all my livejournal friendz have been abandoning th esite so i find my self posting to the few instead of the armies i'm used to. so what i'm asking is....WONT SOMEBODY BE MY LJ FRIEND. i'm painfully alone and its getting worse by the day. i'm a good commentor and i promise i'll make insightful comments. and i'm interesting, i'm damn interesting. some would say to ineresting. pleaze. anyone. i'm just asking for one friend. just one.

thank you for oyur time

i'm just asking that you come and check my journal out. thats all.

okay, lets get down to bussiness

okay, on a very related note to the topic of the community:

1) does anyone have the old whitewolf vampire book called The Inquisition? its part of hunters hunted series. i've been looking for it for years (literally) ever since a tragic even happened to my old collection of gaming books. i've been replacing them ever so slowly but its that book that evades me.

2) am i th eonly GM that creates a soundtrack for his campaigns? i usually have mix cd's of rpg-esque music like from movie and video game scores. am i alone here people?