January 15th, 2004

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Why are Science Fiction games such a tough sell?

I'm wondering about this topic. Basically, here's the situation: I've been wanting to run a science fiction based RPG forever. Something like Fading Suns or Star Wars or SOMETHING. I even went to the trouble of putting together a Firefly-inspired game. But nobody wants to play!

I wonder how I can find people who are particularly interested in science fiction gaming, but with characterization and story as a major component, not the tech. The tech is nice, but it's not the whole.

Has anyone had any success with attracting roleplayers to Science Fiction? If so, how do yo go about it? Any tips or guidelines?
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Running in an Established Setting

I'm currently running a Gamma World D20 game in the setting of the PC game Fallout. Only one of the players is familiar with the Fallout setting but I've been surprised that he has responded negatively to me using elements from the setting verbatim.

In the last session, I introduced the players to an organization called The Brotherhood of Steel, a quasi-religious military order dedicated to the development and preservation of technology. The player I mentioned made a comment that I should have at least changed the name of the organization. I personally thought using an organization the players might be familiar with from the PC game would increase the fun; as players they would have some idea of what the organization was about and they would get to have their characters interact with the organization.

I also have been using some items, areas, etc. from the setting. This seems reasonable to me and I don't understand the objection.

Anyone have an experience like this?
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So I'm finished the outline for the first two sessions of my iron-age epic fantasy.

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First, the naughty clan from over the hills is going to steal our clan's cows, right before the Winter Cull. No cull means no taxes paid (taxes are paid in cows, of course), no meat salted and smoked for winter, and trouble.

Second session. Assuming the pursuit went well, assuming most of the herd can be saved, then it's time for revenge. Cattle Raid! We'll see if they go for a "counting coup" raid (take a prize bull) or an "obliterate the other clan" raid (try to take the whole herd). Either way, it will set the tone for a winter that's going to be anything but four months of meagre rations, spinning and woodwork around the fire pit.

Much like the fire pit, I am stoked. But who would have thought that I would have written a couple adventures about cows?

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