January 14th, 2004

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I have an issue with Metagaming and I was wondering if you guys could offer me some advice.

I was playing in my LARP last night (Victorian Age Vampire set [mostly] in London). Since there was break my character went to Egypt and wound up blood bonded to a Settite and turned against her sire (Lady Anne Bowsley for those of you who know Victorian Age London). The plan is for her to just watch and wait but still communicate with this man, who dislikes (majorly) Lady Anne. I think it would be entirelly in character to move havens.

However last week I was playing a ghoul of my character who was followed home. In addition a friend told me that he plans to screw over one of my characters (for a little background: a group of us are good friends and don't mind shareing little bits of info about what we are planning because we know we aren't metagamers).

The issue now is if I move my haven like I had planned (which would be told to STs next week), I come off looking like a metagamer. However I stand by the fact that I really think my character would change havens. Should I just wait for whatever the two of them have planned to happen and then change?

Any advice would be appreachated.

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Live Action Role Play site

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There's a new website geared to discussion of LARP and all LARP related matters. The site is LARPnews.com

This site is just starting up, it's grand opening will be this Friday, January 16th. There will be lots of Virtual cake and cookies, so come on by, check out the site, sign up for the forums, and have some fun with other LARP fans.

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So come check us out!