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Roleplayer's Community's Journal

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Tuesday, January 13th, 2004
9:53a - Orient Express
1866 Victorian Era. What would some Changelings/Mage/Werewolf/Etc be up to on the
Orient Express?

Im looking for some minor plotlines for my Vampire game ...

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2:41p - Men playing women
I'm interested, why is it men so often seem to think they either can't play women, won't play women, or just plain never think of playing women? In a recent talk with a male gaming friend, he claimed he didn't think he would enjoy it, and that if he did play one, she would inevitably become a sex object (the only other option, apparentally, is the opposite, a woman completely lacking in sexuality/man-hater).

Why is this? I've played male characters and enjoyed it quite a bit! I think maybe guys tend to think of the possibility of playing female characters too much in terms of "I'm playing a woman" rather than "I'm playing a person, who only happens to be a woman."

Opinions? Ideas? Observations? This may have been hashed over in this community before, but I thought it was interesting and it came to mind, so I figured I'd bring it up and ask.

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6:32p - For The Gay Gamers ...
Sorry thought I was button happy and meant to get the one above it.

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